Where Can You Learn German?
Monday, May 30th, 2011

Hallo. Wie bitte? Hello. What did you say? If you’re wondering where can you learn German you will find opportunities to learn the German language by traditional means as well as unconventional methods.

Whether you are planning a trip to Germany or would like to expand your language knowledge, there are many resources available. Some of these resources are free options and others cost a nominal or hefty fee.

Free German language help is available on the Internet for people wondering where can you learn German. On Google Translate select a native language and the German learning choice after which type a phrase in the box provided, click translate, and the German translation appears. Audio is available to listen to the translation. Answers.com offers a link to learn the German language. By clicking on this link the website busuu.com appears. Register as a new user and learn the German alphabet, and beginner and intermediate language levels free. Find friends learning the German language and participate in the many discussion forums.

Rosetta Stone is the mainstay choice for learning a new language. Choose between available package options to fit your needs and budget. Rosetta Stone has an online version to access language learning for a timeframe of 3 months or 6 months. The traditional CD learning software is available for purchase as well.

where can I learn german

Websites such as Amazon sell new and used German language books. Customers can usually view the book contents before the purchase to ensure the information is relevant. German culture books are also available for purchase. Learning the culture is a great stepping-stone to understanding the heritage and language of the German people.

Joining a German culture club such as the German Originality is another option if you are still wondering where can you learn German. This club is the USA German Information Center. Learn about the culture, heritage, traditions, and language. Visitors can even book vacations to Germany and be part of the language in action. The club also has a free newsletter for subscribers.

The ideal way to learn the German language is through native speakers. Friends or family members can commit to speaking only German forcing you to learn the language quickly and take an active role in the process. The simple word coffee or bread becomes a memorable encounter.

Learning a new language is a fun and challenging experience. Learning about the German culture will provide an excellent base to learning the language and understanding the German people. Hopefully this answers your question of where can you learn German.

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Reform of 1996 and beyond
The German spelling reform of 1996 led to public controversy and considerable dispute.
Some state parliaments (Bundesl√§nder) would not accept it (North Rhine Westphalia and Bavaria). The dispute landed at one point in the highest court, which made a short issue of it, claiming that the states had to decide for themselves and that only in schools could the reform be made the official rule‚ÄĒeverybody else could continue writing as they had learned it.
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