Learn to speak German confidently
Sunday, July 11th, 2010

With Learning German Language you will learn to speak German confidently and naturally.  It does not matter what level you are currently at, German programs will guide you step-by-step through the lessons. Your vocabulary will grow in leaps and bounds.

An Online course covers everything you need to learn to speak German. Learning German Language will teach you phrases used in business, on the telephone or at the bank. You’ll learn expressions used at the train station, airport or Hotel. Germans love it when tourist and travelers speak their native tongue.

Many words and expressions are similar in German and English, yet others are quite different. An example is the second person pronoun. English only has one – “you.” In German you address family and friends with “Du.” A stranger is addressed with “Sie,” like the old English “thou.” It shows respect.

I have noticed that young people use “Du” for friends and strangers alike. A language is a living entity, and maybe in time the more formal way of addressing a person will disappear, just like the English “thou.”

Courtesy and politeness is a valuable asset in any language, and such words as “bitte” (please), “danke” (thank you), “entschuldigung” (excuse me) will not take long to be remembered.

No matter how you address a person, they appreciate it if you do in their own tongue. So, instead of saying, “Hello, how are you?” you can say,” Guten Tag, wie geht es Ihnen?” Learning German Language will show you the way and your progress will amaze you.

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Reform of 1996 and beyond
The German spelling reform of 1996 led to public controversy and considerable dispute.
Some state parliaments (Bundesländer) would not accept it (North Rhine Westphalia and Bavaria). The dispute landed at one point in the highest court, which made a short issue of it, claiming that the states had to decide for themselves and that only in schools could the reform be made the official rule—everybody else could continue writing as they had learned it.
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