How To Learn German Online
Sunday, June 5th, 2011

The Internet provides many opportunities on how to learn German online. Some of the best resources are:

1. Find exchange partners

A German speaking exchange partner is an excellent way to learn the conversational skills of natural language speakers. This includes slang, colloquialisms and other nuances. Some people seem to learn faster and better when interacting with a live human being who can provide instant feedback on progress.

Directories and services are available that help match people with German language speakers, facilitating exchange partner programs.

2. Practice German writing emails (pen pals)

Writing a pen pal in German is another great way to learn German online. Some people prefer written communications, especially when getting started, because they can take their time in translation and grammatical composition as they practice reading and responding to normal communications.

Pen pals can also provide instruction, feedback and cultural education while complementing other learning techniques.

3. Practice speaking online (voice chat)

Voice chat over the Internet is another great way to facilitate language education. This is especially important when no local German-speaking people can be found or when a pen pal relationship is unsatisfactory.

Modern broadband connections make it easy to communicate using a computer with a microphone through a variety of free and paid services. This way conversation can take place without the need for expensive long distance phone calls while having the ability to retain most of the features of an exchange partner.

4. Free Online tutorials

Self learning opportunities are available to learn German online and many of them are free. These may vary a lot in nature with some video and interactive lessons that can help people learn a foreign language like German on their own. It only takes some patience and determination and the learning will come. There are many different websites out there that can help, so students should not hesitate to keep looking until they find one that seems to work for them.

5. Learn German in 10 days (words and phrases)
For people who are only interested in learning enough German to function while traveling abroad, quick, intense programs are available to help them learn the words and phrases that are essential to survival for non-native speakers.

These are just some of the exciting opportunities that are available to learn German online, so get started learning German now or take your current learning up to the next level.

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