How to choose the best German course

There are may German Courses available and sometimes it’s it difficult to choose the right course. It all depends on your needs. If you are going to learn a new language you want to choose a method that is best for you. If you are you going to Germany on business or vacation,it is helpful to have some knowledge of the German language. There are one hundred Million people whose native tongue is German. Besides Germany the German language is also spoken in Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

Which German course should you choose? There are a great many German Language courses available and you want to select the one that’s best for you. Some of the courses are reasonably priced, while others are more expensive. Do you want to study Online, or would you like to have a program that gives you CD’s and DVD’s? Instead of playing music, or listen to the news on you drive to and from work you can listen to a German language CD. It also makes the drive less stressful.

Reform of 1996 and beyond
The German spelling reform of 1996 led to public controversy and considerable dispute.
Some state parliaments (Bundesl√§nder) would not accept it (North Rhine Westphalia and Bavaria). The dispute landed at one point in the highest court, which made a short issue of it, claiming that the states had to decide for themselves and that only in schools could the reform be made the official rule‚ÄĒeverybody else could continue writing as they had learned it.
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