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Welcome to Learning German Language, the web site that will help you choose the German course that is best for you.

So why do I want to help people learn the German language? I was born in Germany and the German language is something I know. After I left Germany I lived in such diverse places as Toronto, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Honolulu. Hawaii and Las Vegas.

Every couple of years I go to Germany to visit family and some of the interesting sites, and also freshen up on my German.  It is amazing how much history there is. A couple of years ago my family and I visited the Teutoburger Wald. This is probably the only place the Romans ever got beaten. The year was 9 AD. Actually they were not just beaten, they were annihilated by the German barbarians, who left no one alive. Just a few weeks earlier I watched a History Channel documentary on the very same subject and it came back to life for me while there.

Maybe you want to see some of these places yourself. You hear it all the time – don’t worry, everybody in Germany speaks English, which is not so. Even if they did Germans appreciate if you address them in their own tongue.

Reform of 1996 and beyond
The German spelling reform of 1996 led to public controversy and considerable dispute.
Some state parliaments (Bundesländer) would not accept it (North Rhine Westphalia and Bavaria). The dispute landed at one point in the highest court, which made a short issue of it, claiming that the states had to decide for themselves and that only in schools could the reform be made the official rule—everybody else could continue writing as they had learned it.
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